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Prosecutors: Brookfield Central football player admitted to helping basketball player deliver drugs

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Julian Banda

BROOKFIELD — A second Brookfield Central High School student-athlete has been charged, accused of helping deliver drugs.

Julian Banda, 17, of Brookfield faces one count of manufacture/deliver THC, less than 200 grams and one count of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Prosecutors said investigators were able to obtain marijuana, THC vape cartridges and THC wax from Gage Malensek, a star Brookfield Central basketball player, on four occasions, using confidential informants.

Gage Malensek

During one of those four instances, prosecutors said Malensek enlisted the help of Julian Banda, a football player.

Malensek was charged with the following:

  • Manufacture/deliver THC (three counts)
  • Manufacture/deliver THC, as a party to a crime
  • Maintaining a drug trafficking place
  • Possession of THC (two counts)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

The criminal complaint noted four instances in which Malensek was involved in the sale of THC — Jan. 16, Jan. 25, Jan. 29 and Feb. 7. In each case, investigators used a confidential informant (CI) to meet with Malensek. Authorities would provide the CI with “buy money” — and the deal would play out. After the deal was done, the CI would provide investigators with what he/she received in return. In each instance, the complaint said the items purchased tested positive for THC. The complaint indicated Malensek was dealing marijuana, THC vape cartridges and THC wax.

Prosecutors said Banda was involved in the Jan. 25 drug deal, which took place at Banda’s home. The complaint said Malensek indicated he “would not be able to be at the location even though he had arranged the deal, but had provided marijuana and vape cartridges to Banda and Banda would complete the deal,” with Banda later “providing the money from the deal to Malensek.” The complaint said a detective watched as Banda completed a “hand-to-hand” transaction with the confidential informant, who obtained marijuana and four vape cartridges believed to contain marijuana wax.

Gage Malensek

Investigators met with Malensek on Feb. 19 at Brookfield Central High School, and a search revealed he had a THC vape pen on him containing THC oil. A search warrant was executed at his home, and investigators found spent vape cartridges in the vent work and other cartridges in the basement area containing THC wax. They also found blunt wrappers — and spent vape cartridges in Malensek’s bedroom.

Prosecutors said Malensek admitted he was involved in selling marijuana and marijuana wax on the four occasions outlined in the complaint, and said he “did so for profit.”

Investigators spoke with Banda on Feb. 19 and the complaint said he “sold marijuana and vape cartridges at the request of Malensek” at his home on Jan. 25. He said he “gave the money directly to Malensek and did not make any money out of this deal.” He said he “did get free marijuana wax to smoke or vape from Malensek as a result of helping him out.” Banda said “Malensek is a dealer and that he deals a lot of THC and vape cartridges to individuals in the area.”

An initial court appearance was scheduled for March 25 for Banda.

Malensek made his initial appearance in court on March 1, where a $7,500 signature bond was set. He waived his preliminary hearing that day and was bound over for trial. A hearing was scheduled for April 1.

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