Sturtevant teen accused of providing brownies laced with THC to classmate

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Berenice Sanchez Lopez

RACINE — A Sturtevant teenager is accused of delivering brownies laced with THC to a student at J.I. Case High School in Racine. The accused is Berenice Sanchez Lopez.

Sanchez Lopez is charged with two counts of manufacture/deliver THC, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance on or near a school.

According to the criminal complaint, a school resource officer received notification from the school nurse at Case High School on Monday, March 4 that “a student was having a bad reaction to an unknown substance in her body.” The officer noted the student “was conscious and breathing but not responding to directions and appeared to be extremely out of it.” The student was taken to the St. Mary’s emergency room for treatment.

The student later told police “she ate a brownie laced with drugs that she got from her friend Berenice.” The complaint indicates when police searched the backpack of Sanchez Lopez, they found “a bag containing 5 individual clear plastic baggies containing brownies.” Sanchez Lopez “admitted that she gave a baggie containing a brownie laced with an unknown drug to (the student) who consumed it.” Sanchez Lopez told police “she did not charge (the student),” she just gave it to her.”

The complaint indicates Sanchez Lopez told investigators she got the brownies from a friend from Gurnee, Illinois. That friend later provided a statement indicating the butter in the brownies was laced with weed. The friend said “it was the first time she ever made the brownies and that’s why she sold them for cheap to Sanchez Lopez.”

The crumbs in the baggie as well as the remaining brownies tested positive for THC, the complaint says. The first student’s blood also “tested positive for cannabinoids.”

If convicted on either of the two charges, Sanchez Lopez faces up to five years in prison.

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