Brookfield police: 2 Illinois athletes, child cited after brawl at indoor soccer game

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BROOKFIELD -- Police cited two Illinois soccer players and the child of a coach after a brawl that took place at an indoor soccer game in Brookfield Sunday, March 3.

Police responded to Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex on W. Lisbon Road near Brookfield Road for a fight in progress between two soccer teams who were participating in a championship match. The teams were identified as FC Wisconsin and San Jose FC from Illinois.

Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex

Terry From

Following an investigation, a 17-year-old Illinois resident was arrested and received a municipal citation for disorderly conduct. Another 17-year-old Illinois resident was also arrested and received a municipal citation for battery. A 12-year-old Illinois resident was arrested and received two municipal citations, one for battery and one for resisting/obstructing an officer.

Two men sustained minor injuries, and one chose to go to a hospital for further evaluation.

"I'm still having headaches from it. Still swelling," said Terry From, who officiated the game.

The three suspects were cited, booked and released without incident.

From said the dispute broke out between FC Wisconsin (based in Germantown) and FC San Jose (from Rockford, IL). From said the two sides got chippy -- and were warned about the action that was taking place on the field.

"We were calling a lot of calls after that. It was just whistle after whistle after whistle. It continued on," From said.

In the second half,  a skirmish between two players caused the refs to terminate the match.

"It got to the point where they did get into a little scuffle, and the other referee promised we would terminate it, so he terminated the game," From said.

As the refs tried to get the teams off the field, From told FOX6 News a 12-year-old, who was a family member of a coach, threw a full water bottle into the FC Wisconsin box area, striking a coach in the back of his head. As From ran towards the 12-year-old to get him to stop, several kids punched the ref.

Lindsey Herrera

"This is a new one to me though. Nowhere have I ever seen this," From said.

From was taken to a hospital.

A manager from FC San Jose said while the incident was regrettable, several members of the team and their family apparently endured racist language and taunts during the three-day tournament. She said punches were thrown after From put his hands on the 12-year-old. However, video does not appear to show From making contact with the 12-year-old. From also said he personally did not hear any racial slurs towards players or their family during the weekend.

"I know that the kids involved in this are not bad kids," said Lindsey Herrera, administrator for FC San Jose. "I was sitting next to a whole table of parents that shouted at the kids that -- you are going to end up in prison. Build the wall. You know, go back to Mexico. It was, that was coming from the parents. The ref charged out of that crowd, put his hands around the 12-year-old boy's neck, and literally picked him up by the collar I want to say."

From called the behavior criminal.

"We're not going to have any referees at any games for kids. There won't be any referees. Nobody wants this," said From.

From noted he had a previous back surgery and was punched in that spot, so he was worried about it.

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