‘It’s horrible:’ Neighbors dismayed by spray painted neo-Nazi graffiti on Oak Leaf Trail

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's Oak Leaf Trail was vandalized by graffiti, including neo-Nazi symbols. Neighbors said they're disgusted.

Oak Leaf Trail

FOX6 News on Wednesday, March 6 found blue spray paint covering two walls under the Bellview Place bridge -- a blemish on an otherwise quiet path.

"It's a beautiful trail. I walk it every day. I don't care how hot or cold. It's gorgeous," said Frank Knight.

The hateful graffiti caught the attention of Knight and others -- on the trail that can be a peaceful refuge.

"It's like, why would you do that? I don't understand it," said Knight.

Frank Knight

The graffiti included a swastika, a neo-Nazi symbol and a hateful phrase prominent on a brick.

"I get a little agitated, because you're ruining it, because of how beautiful it is and pristine -- and you put your graffiti on it," said Knight.

It wasn't clear how long the graffiti had been there. Officials with Milwaukee County Parks were looking into getting it removed. Crews were out Wednesday taking photos of the tags.

Those who use the trail frequently, like Knight, said they want it cleaned up -- so tranquility can be returned to the trail.

"It's horrible," said Knight.

Parks officials were looking into the best solution for removing the graffiti. We were told it might be painted over, or removed with a solvent.

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