Dense fog advisory issued for lakeshore counties until 4 a.m. Monday

Pictures: Cars encased in ice spotted near 29th and Wells in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — This is what can happen when you leave your car on the street in the dead of winter in Milwaukee.

The car in the gallery below was seen encased in ice in a parking spot near 29th and Wells on Wednesday, March 6.


Not far from that vehicle, there was another car in a somewhat similar situation — although it appeared to not have been there as long as the first.

Frozen car near 29th and Wells, Milwaukee

How does the city deal with vehicles like this? According to the “towed vehicles” portion of the city’s website, these are the notices of towing.

  • Abandoned vehicles parked in excess of 24 hours will be placarded. A placard is an orange sticker placed on the windshield of a vehicle that serves as a towing warning. After a vehicle is placarded, a notice is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. A vehicle that obtains a placard will be towed after 72 hours if the vehicle is not moved.
  • 1st Notice: Once a vehicle is towed, a notice will be sent to the vehicle owner. If the owner does not retrieve the vehicle within 15 days from the notice, the vehicle may be recycled.
  • 2nd Notice: A second notice is sent to the vehicle owner if the vehicle is of substantial value. If the owner does not retrieve the vehicle within 15 days of this second notice, it may be sold or recycled.
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