Fire officials as Daylight Saving Time begins: ‘Change your clock — change your smoke alarm battery’

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MILWAUKEE -- Sunday, March 10 marked the start of Daylight Saving Time, when we "spring" our clocks forward in anticipation of spring. With people moving their clocks forward by one hour, officials with North Shore Fire/Rescue said it was also a good time to check some other things around your house.

"It's got a ring to it," said Captain Dan Tyk, North Shore Fire. "Change your clock -- change your smoke alarm battery."

Captain Tyk on Sunday reminded people your smoke detector is something you should already be testing monthly to make sure it works.

"If you do still have one of those other, older alarms, you definitely want to take a look at it," said Tyk.

Firefighters said fires burn a lot faster than they did a few years ago -- meaning having enough working alarms is very important so that you can get out safely.

Carbon Monoxide testing

North Shore Fire

"You may think, 'That's not going to happen to me,' but that alarm is really your insurance policy and could potentially save your life," said Captain Tyk.

Fire officials said the start of Daylight Saving Time was also a good time to check other alarms around your house, like your carbon monoxide detector.

"We're probably still running our furnaces. We're not into that summery period yet," said Captain Tyk. "Definitely want to change the batteries in the carbon monoxide alarms as well."

Meanwhile, with warmer weather on the way, fire officials reminded people to be very careful on the ice.

"Definitely need to use caution going out on any body of water as temperatures warm up," said Captain Tyk.

Several fire departments offer home assessment programs, where they will come to your home and install alarms for you. Fire officials suggested calling your local department to see if that's a program they offer.

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