‘So bizarre:’ Woman accused of shooting boyfriend of 3 weeks over his loud snoring

COCOA, Fla. — If you have ever had to sleep next to someone who snores loudly, you may have wanted to shoot that person, but you’re not allowed to actually do it. Sheriff’s officials said a woman in Florida did just that.

“It’s so stupid, so bizarre that I can’t imagine that kind of behavior,” said a neighbor.

“To hear that it was over him snoring is kind of shocking. It’s kind of crazy,” said a neighbor.

Lorie Morin, 47, was charged with attempted murder after deputies said she shot her boyfriend of three weeks during an argument about the victim’s loud snoring.

According to court documents, the victim even showed up to the home with nose strips in an effort to silence the problem.

After a night of drinking, sheriff’s officials said Morin fired a single shot, hitting the victim on his side and torso.

“That’s crazy. I don’t care how mad you are. You shouldn’t be grabbing a gun unless your life is threatened, so that’s definitely…” said a neighbor.

Detectives said Morin initially said the shooting, which involved a shotgun, was accidental.

A neighbor said he watched as officers arrested her.

“And she pulled in, and then all the cars came rushing out of every direction,” said a neighbor.

The victim was in stable condition.

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