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These are the mysteries surrounding the 9-year-old girl found dead in a duffel bag

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When 9-year-old Trinity Love Jones was found dead in a duffel bag, the pink shirt she wore gave a glimpse into her hopes for the future.

Instead of being a princess, like many girls’ shirts proclaim, Trinity’s had bigger ambitions.

“Future Princess Hero,” her shirt read, with the word “princess” crossed out.

That’s one of the few details authorities have released about Trinity’s death. But many more questions remain. Here’s what we know and don’t know about the young girl’s death:

What we know

She wasn’t in the state’s missing persons database

There is no record of Trinity in the California Missing Persons System, the state Department of Justice said.

She was partially stuffed in a duffel bag

Police said Trinity’s head and upper body were protruding from the partially zipped roll-away black duffel bag.

She was publicly identified a week after she was abandoned

Lt. Scott Hoglund of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said authorities think Trinity was left in light brush by an equestrian trail the evening of March 3. The body was publicly identified as Trinity’s on Sunday.

What we don’t know

How exactly Trinity died

The Los Angeles County medical examiner’s office said Trinity’s death was a homicide. But the sheriff’s department has put a security hold on the girl’s autopsy report. That means no details about Trinity’s death will be available until either the sheriff’s department releases the hold, or until charges are filed.

Whether she was dead or alive

It’s not clear if Trinity was dead or alive at the time she was abandoned by the trail, authorities said.

Why two “persons of interest” have been detained

Investigators have detained two “persons of interest,” but the sheriff’s department has not explained whether or how they might be connected to the case.

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