‘It’s how I get to work:’ Cyclist, father of 6 says he forgives hit-and-run driver who hurt him

Charles Spargur

KENOSHA COUNTY -- A Racine County man was badly injured in a hit-and-run crash. He was riding his bike on March 7 -- on his way home from work when he was hit in the Town of Paris. He suffered several broken ribs and bruising, but said he's grateful to be alive, and not angry with the driver who hit him.

"I survived. I'm healing and I'm going to move on," said Charles Spargur.

Spargur, a father of six, said Wednesday, March 13 he'd been counting his blessings after the close call.

"I'm very grateful that I survived. More grateful because I didn't want to leave them," said Spargur.

As he rode his bike home on Highway 142 in the Town of Paris, he was struck by a vehicle and the driver took off.

"I was headed down the hill, making good time, and then I looked, somebody woke me up and there was a bunch of emergency personnel," said Spargur.

Spargur suffered broken ribs and bruising, and his trusted bike was busted.

"It's how I get to work. It's basically freedom," said Spargur.

He was taken to the hospital and released days later -- grateful to be alive, but concerned about what happens next. He launched a GoFundMe.com account to help pay medical expenses and buy a new bike. Spargur is visually impaired, and it's his only way to get around.

Charles Spargur

"Ultimately, that bike is freedom and self-reliance for me to get to work, to make a living and help my family survive," said Spargur.

He asked that the driver who struck him come forward.

"If they don't take that responsibility, they'll hurt someone else and they'll continue to hurt other people and they'll hurt themselves," said Spargur.

Spargur said he's not angry, but rather, ready to forgive.

"Vengeance and anger isn't worth it," said Spargur.

Kenosha County sheriff's officials said they believe the driver was in a late 90s Chevy Silverado with front passenger side damage. Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department.

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