‘People are amazed:’ Wauwatosa’s historic log cabin to be moved 1 mile by truck

Carl Borden

WAUWATOSA -- Wauwatosa's historic log cabin was set to be moved Wednesday night, March 13 from one part of town to another after delays for two months.

There was plenty of excitement ahead of the big move.

"I have never seen a truck move a house!" said 7-year-old Carl Borden.

"People are just amazed," said Rusty Childs with Heritage Movers. "Once you get over two dollies it's a pretty heavy load. We're gonna drive it around and up the street."

The log cabin was built in 1921. It has been moved once before.

A developer wanted to level it and turn it into a 27-unit apartment complex, but Wauwatosa's Historic Preservation Committee recommended giving it a "historical designation" due in part to its architecture and its ties to Frederick Underwood -- a notable figure in Wauwatosa's history.

"Last spring, he offered in the paper that he would donate the cabin to anyone who was willing to take it and rehab it," said Nick Carnahan with Galbraith Carnahan Architects.

Those with Galbraith Carnahan Architects saw its charm and age.

"It's built very much like the other 1920s houses in the neighborhood -- just has a really unique exterior," said Carnahan. "The weather has been our biggest enemy the past couple months. We've blown four deadlines so far."

Many were up late to watch it happen.

"My dad is actually going to stay up," said 7-year-old Carl Borden. "I'll probably be in bed."

The log cabin would travel one mile -- from Wright and Wauwatosa to 64th and North. It was expected to take three to four hours.

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