FOX6 catches up with 90-year-old Brewers fan who has made spring training a tradition

Ann Maas

MILWAUKEE -- Even when it's raining, fans of the Milwaukee Brewers show up to watch the Crew work out during spring training. For Ann Maas, 90, of Milwaukee, it's tradition, albeit a relatively new one.

"Three years ago, I came with my husband," said Maas. "That was something we did, you know? We were retired and we both had little jobs after we retired, and that was kind of our mad money and fun money, and we decided to come here -- and then the following year, we came again."

Ann Maas

Spring training turned out to be exactly what they were looking for.

"When we were here the first time, we walked around all over and we kind of followed one of the players. He waved at us and he said, 'See me later.' I had my picture taken with him, and the lady that took the picture didn't turn out, so all I can do is tell people and they think I'm probably telling a lie. It's Jonathan Lucroy," said Maas.

Jonathan Lucroy

Jonathan Lucroy

Ann Maas

The decision to come to Arizona that year really fit into the way she and her husband approached life together.

"That was my second marriage and we had a wonderful life. We loved each other. I was 58 and he was 60 when we got married, and when you get married at that age, you don't know how long it's going to last. Could be a week. Could be a couple months. It ended up being 31 years, so we have a lot to be thankful for," said Maas.

They would come again the following year -- their last together.

"My husband died in 2017," said Maas.

Despite the loss, Maas returned to spring training in 2018.

Ann Maas

"I came out here all by myself. This is not something a lady should be doing, because the hotel we stayed at had mostly all old guys. Here I am, the only old lady there!" said Maas.

She came back again in 2019, but with family this time. FOX6 News caught up with her alongside her son and daughter-in-law, as they checked out the new spring training facility.

"I really appreciate that, because I love my family. To me, faith and family means everything," said Maas.

She said she's moved forward with her life, remembering the advice of her late husband.

Ann Maas and family

"My husband used to always say, 'It's in your mind. It's a matter of how you feel about life.' I still volunteer at a school, two half-days a week. I love children. I like people and I enjoy sports," said Maas.

She shared another secret to living well.

"I think, basically, doing things for other people. It does something for you inside. God didn't just put me here for myself. He put me here for other reasons. I like doing things for people, being with people," said Maas.

She said her spring training tradition would continue.

"I think I would like to come next year too, and I have a granddaughter who lives out here. She's been working here for three years, so it's nice to see her too," said Maas.

Although she didn't go to many games last year, Maas, whose favorite player is Robin Yount, said she expects to be at Miller Park a lot during the Milwaukee Brewers' 2019 season.

Maas has a grandson who is a Milwaukee police officer who plans on retiring from the force in 10 years, and he wants her to retire with him when she's 100. She said it's a goal she plans on reaching.

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