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Dog recovering after being left beaten, tied to light pole

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**Embargo: Los Angeles, Calif.** Kaylen, a chihuahua mix, is seen receiving care at McGrath Veterinary Center in Encino.

LOS ANGELES — A dog was found after suffering a severe beating that broke her jaw in several places and was left tied to a light pole in Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, according to KTLA.

Thanks to a Good Samaritan, the dog is recovering and has a chance at a better life, but she still faces reconstructive surgery and a long road to recovery.

The 8-pound chihuahua mix was found tied to a light pole in Boyle Heights Saturday night, on South Dakota Street near Whittier Boulevard, not far from the 60 Freeway. Her little neck was tied with a yellow rope, blood all over her face and mouth.

Fortunately, someone came along and found her and brought her to get treatment.

“She had a broken orbit of her eye, several fractures to her upper jaw, missing several teeth, and she broke her mandible, her lower jaw as well” Dr. Brian McGrath said.

The Good Samaritans took her home and cleaned her up, then called local non-profit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation to get immediate treatment at McGrath Veterinary Center in Encino.

The dog, who they call Kaylen, had surgery Monday, but will still need more.

“Part of her upper jaw so damaged we actually had to remove it and we put bone graft in so new bone can grow in its place,” McGrath said.

Dr. McGrath says the injuries likely came from animal abuse.

“What it generally means is some sort of blunt trauma to the face, usually like a baseball bat or some heavy hard object,” he said. “Like a grown man swinging as hard as you can. To break that many bones, it’s a crushing injury, so it has to hit really hard.”

He says the wounds were fresh—24 to 48 hours old. Kaylen was also dehydrated and malnourished when she was found tied up.

“Animal abusers start with animals move to people,” Ellie Roberto, Director of Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, said. “It’s a stepping stone to worse acts and this is absolutely horrible what happened to her.”

Dr McGrath says Kaylen is two or three years old and showing signs of improvement. He expects her to make a full recovery.

“She is going to have to probably be fed with syringe for a few weeks while her jaw heals so she will stay in foster where people can take care of her more on a 24-hour basis then when she’s all cleared and Dr. McGrath gives her the a-ok, she will be put up for adoption.”

Dr McGrath said her next surgery will be to wire her lower jaw. Then it’s more rest and medical care until she can eat normally again.

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