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US Marshals search for Ramond Redding, a man with ‘a violent history’

MILWAUKEE -- He started the year making a bad decision while on parole. Authorities have been trying to track him down -- questioning those closest to him. But with no leads, they are turning to FOX6 News viewers.

"Ramond Redding is actually wanted for a state violation of parole with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections," the U.S. Marshal on this case said. "In January, he decided he was going to stop reporting to his agent."

Marshals are searching for Ramond Redding. His original conviction was for drugs.

"The drug in this case was heroin," the marshal said.

Officials say Redding stopped checking in with his parole officer. Around the same time, a violent shooting erupted on the north side causing serious injuries. The Milwaukee Police Department wants to question him about the gunfire.

"He could be armed and dangerous. I wouldn't approach him. I would call 911 or reach out to the U.S. Marshals,” the marshal said.

The 28-year-old's criminal history is also concerning.

"Mr. Redding has a violent history including a recklessly endangering safety, child abuse,” the U.S. Marshal explained.

Authorities say Redding can be best spotted by his distinct tattoo.

"He has a tattoo on his right forearm. It says RIP Bizzy,” the marshal said. "He has two nicknames he goes by 'ManMan' and 'Moan.'"

Redding has strong ties to Milwaukee, but is best associated with 33rd and Michigan. U.S. Marshals say any tips to their office are 100 percent anonymous. No record is kept and your name will never appear on a report. But perhaps Redding himself is ready to make a permanent change to the path he's on.

"I would suggest Mr. Redding do the right thing and turn himself in and explain himself for his behavior," the marshal said. "Obviously, this warrant is not going to go away."

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