Caught on camera: Spring breakers turn tables on armed robber, threatening him with his gun

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. — A group of spring breakers took matters into their own hands early Sunday, March 24 when they came face to face with a man holding a gun.

This isn’t something police recommend, but the men said they had no choice.

“Any point in time, that gun could have gone off,” said Aric Wisbey, student.

Aric and Alex Wisbey, cousins visiting from Indiana for spring break turned the tables on a would-be robber, and have quite the story to tell.

It all started as a night of fun on South Beach.

Alex Wisbey said he was the designated driver to get everyone back to Broward — stopping at a Mobil gas station on Oakland Park Boulevard and Powerline Road.

“I tried to find a gas station that was closest, because we were running low on gas,” said Alex Wisbey.

The surveillance video showed a black vehicle, and then a man with his face covered storming toward them, demandng money — pointing a gun at their cousin, wearing a plaid shirt.

“I had gotten out of the car at this time. The guy had fallen back on top of him. My cousin Jacob gets on top of him, and I’m in there, trying to wrestle around for the gun,” said Aric Wisbey.

Detective said a shirtless accomplice ran to the melee, kicking him in the back of the head.

Aric Wisbey said instinct kicked in. He grabbed the gun and pointed it at both men, who got back into the black vehicle and drove away.

The alleged accomplice didn’t get far. Kevin Campbell, 33, was arrested.

Aric and Alex Wisbey said if your gut tells you to comply with a criminal’s demands, you should do it…

“But if there is a situation and a moment you can wrestle the gun away, or protect yourself or your family or friends, absolutely do that. Do not second guess yourself. It turned out the best way possible for us,” they said.

They said they were grateful no one was hurt, because it turned out, after deputies recovered the gun, they said it was fully loaded.

The alleged accomplice, Campbell, was arrested, but authorities said the gunman was still on the loose.

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