‘Everyone is getting ready:’ Excitement builds for baseball fans as Opening Day nears

Jason Cornelius

MILWAUKEE -- With Opening Day at Miller Park Thursday, March 28 -- many bars and restaurants would open early for baseball fans headed to the big game.

The motto at Saz's -- no fan left behind.

"We'll probably send about 400 to the game. Another 100 throughout the day," said Saz's General Manager Jason Cornelius.

Cornelius told FOX6 News on Wednesday, March 27 the restaurant's shuttles were ready to roll for Opening Day. With a direct route to Miller Park, baseball is big business at Saz's.

"Saw it last year -- as the Brewers were doing better and better and eventually made it into the playoffs," Cornelius said.

The purchase of food or a beverage will get you a free trip to the ballpark. The party starts early -- with drink specials at 8 a.m. Thursday. The kitchen opens an hour later -- and the pulled pork sandwich is always a home run with fans.

"It's withstood the time of 43 years that we've been open. It's an iconic classic of Milwaukee restaurants," Cornelius said.

Another way to avoid traffic is to hop on another Brewers bandwagon.

"The Brewers Line is really the easiest way to get to and from the ballpark for every home game," said Matt Sliker, MCTS spokesman.

Look for signs at 20 MCTS bus stops along Cathedral Square, Water Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

"It will take you right to the front door, pretty much, of Miller Park," said Sliker.

Matt Sliker

Transportation fare will cost you no more than $2 each way if you use the MCTS app or M-Card to buy your ticket. The shuttles are also a safe, responsible way to enjoy the game -- especially if alcohol is involved.

Out at the park, the excitement was through the retractable roof ahead of the big day.

"It's the positive vibration of everything that's going on there now. Everyone is getting ready," said Sliker.

If you don't use the MCTS app or have an M-Card, the bus ticket will cost an extra 25¢. However, there are special rates for kids and senior.

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