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Father says Racine teacher called 12-year-old son ‘a N-word,’ administrators say video proves otherwise

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Quentin Bolton

RACINE -- A Racine father said his son, who is black, was called the N-word by a teacher who is white at school in an incident that was caught on camera, but district leaders said the video proves no inappropriate comments were made.

Usually, video evidence is objective, but the actions and statements made in this particular footage in question can be open for interpretation.

Children should come home from school the same as when they left, but on March 15, Quentin Bolton said that wasn't the case for his son Israel.

"He came back damaged, emotionally and physically," said Quentin Bolton.

Quentin Bolton's son Israel Bolton

Bolton, a Mitchell Middle School parent, said cellphone video from gym class showed 12-year-old Israel Bolton and a teacher falling to the floor as the teacher tried to break up an altercation between Israel and another student.

"Calls him a N-word and pushes his face into the floor," said Quentin Bolton.

It's hard to make out in the footage, but Quentin Bolton and his attorney said they believe in that moment, the teacher said, "Boy N-word, you need some more work. I'm sick of you guys."

Stacy Tapp

"This shouldn't happen to no one," said Quentin Bolton

"It's very saddening to me that anyone would make these accusations against a teacher who was trying to protect the safety of his students and his colleagues," said Stacy Tapp, Racine Unified School District spokeswoman.

Tapp said staff and police launched an investigation immediately. She said all witnesses and people involved denied hearing a racial slur.

"I don't think anyone watching that video and seeing that teacher trip and fall to the floor face down can claim that he could possibly be heard on camera saying something like that," said Tapp.

"We think the attempted cover up of the incident and the refusal to acknowledge what is clearly on the tape is also very disturbing to us," said Quentin Bolton's attorney.

Quentin Bolton and his attorney spoke out Wednesday, March 27 with hope the district changes its position and the teacher is ultimately disciplined.

"To prevent these types of incidents," said Quentin Bolton.

Bolton and his attorney said they're considering taking legal action against the district.

Meanwhile, Tapp also expressed concerns that the video could be doctored since it came from an outside source. Bolton said it was sent to him, but insisted it wasn't doctored.

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