‘The more pressure, the better:’ Brewers, with unfinished business, look to pick up where they left off

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Zach Davies

MILWAUKEE -- Coming just one game shy of the World Series showed that the Milwaukee Brewers had something special in 2018. They head into the 2019 season with unfinished business -- looking to pick up where they left off.

Each Major League team puts in work at spring training, but only one team will ultimately end the season with a World Series championship. That's what the Brewers are gunning for, while every other team seems to be gunning for them.

"The more pressure, the better. I think that means you're headed in the right direction," said Zach Davies, pitcher.

Since Davies made his Major League debut in 2015 with the Brewers, he has seen it all almost -- going from a 94 loss season to coming within a game of the World Series.

Travis Shaw

"You know what? Our ultimate goal is to go out and win a World Series. It's cool to be there at the beginning. It's fun to see the transition and how quickly it happened," said Davies.

Headed into the 2019 season, the players said they were focused on unfinished business.

"I think it left a little bit of a bitter taste," said Davies.

"It's time to close the page on last year. Now, hopefully, everybody can stop talking about that," said Travis Shaw, third baseman.j

Lorenzo Cain

The Brew Crew's opponents -- also looking forward. The Brewers seemingly have a target on their backs.

"That's what you shoot for. We've earned that," said Shaw.

"We understand it's not going to be easy as well. I've been on both sides of it," said Lorenzo Cain, outfielder.

As has Mike Moustakas, who was Cain's teammate on a Kansas City Royals team that lost a Game 7 in 2014, only to win the World Series the following season.

Mike Moustakas

"I think they understand what we got ahead of us. I think they've got the right mentality. I think everybody got a glimpse of it, a taste of it. I don't think anybody can wait to get back," said Moustakas, second baseman.

"We talk about it -- the way we played the last month of baseball, you know, playing really team baseball. We've got to do that through the entire season," said Cain.

"It's something that's understood. I don't think anybody needs to tell anybody in this room that the expectation here is to make the playoffs and go deep into those playoffs," said Christian Yelich, outfielder.

Christian Yelich

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