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Caretaker finds body of infant inside flower pot at cemetery

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tombstone with flowers in graveyard

CARROLLTON, Tex. — The body of an infant was found inside a flower pot at a cemetery in Carrollton by a caretaker on March 11.

According to police, a caretaker at Perry Cemetery emptied a flower pot that was “out of place” and found the body under soil inside the pot.

The medical examiner determined that the infant was a girl and was 34 weeks to full term. She weighed six pounds and still had the umbilical cord attached to her.

So far they have not determined if the child was stillborn or not.

“We are awaiting further test results to determine whether she was born alive,” Carrollton police spokeswoman Jolene DeVito said in a news release Wednesday.

Investigators say the flower pot may have been placed inside the cemetery between Wednesday, Feb. 27 and Saturday, March 2.

Police say it appears someone was trying to craft a burial spot by putting the body in the pot and placing flowers inside.

“It would seem that whoever placed the baby’s body there also put the flowers, we just don’t know at this point, which is why we’re appealing to the public, anyone who knows anything that can point us on the direction, we want to hear from you,” said DeVito.

Police are also wanting help in identifying the baby in order to give her a proper burial.

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