‘SNL’ has Alec Baldwin’s Pres. Trump and Robert De Niro’s Mueller summarize the Mueller report

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NEW YORK — “Saturday Night Live” returned just in time to break down the Mueller report, the summary of it and President Trump’s tweets about it.

The NBC variety show opened with Robert De Niro’s special counsel Robert Mueller reading his report, which was then summarized by Attorney General William Barr (played by Aidy Bryant), which was then tweeted out by Alec Baldwin’s Pres. Trump.

“I am submitting these 380 pages,” De Niro’s Mueller began.

“I am writing almost four pages,” Bryant’s Barr continued.

“I am reading zero pages,” Baldwin’s Pres. Trump said.

De Niro’s Mueller said that on the charge of obstruction of justice against Pres. Trump that he did not come up with a “definite conclusion.”

“But I have,” Bryant’s Barr said.

Baldwin’s Pres. Trump said that he was “free at last, free at last,” blew an air horn and generally celebrated the good news from the report.

“Russia, if you’re watching, go to bed,” he said. “Daddy won.”

De Niro’s Mueller then said that he hoped for the full report to made public with a few redactions.

“Hella redactions,” Bryant’s Barr added.

“We’re going to black out everything except for the words, ‘no’ and ‘collusion,'” Baldwin’s Pres. Trump finished.

According to Barr’s summary of the report, Mueller found no evidence that Pres. Trump campaign associates colluded with Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

Baldwin’s Trump was then joined by Rudy Giuliani, who was played by Kate McKinnon.

“I guess I was a legal genius the whole time,” McKinnon’s Giuliani said before heading back under Pres. Trump’s desk in a vampire-esque fashion.

Baldwin’s Pres. Trump, who called himself “President Invincible” then joined De Niro’s Mueller and Bryant’s Barr to say the show’s signature sign on, “Live… From New York! It’s Saturday night!”

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