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Man’s joke-filled obituary goes viral

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SPILLVILLE, Iowa — As he was being laid to rest Thursday, a 63-year-old Northeast Iowa man’s obituary was going viral for his family’s wry sense of humor about his life.

The family of Tim Schrandt noted he “made his last inappropriate comment” March 29 after “a short battle with cancer,” and was buried in the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church cemetery in Spillville with full military rites on Thursday following his funeral at the church.

The obituary appears on the website of Schluter-Balik Funeral Home and Cremation Service.

“For those of you that did meet him, we apologize, as we’re sure he probably offended you,” the obituary reads. “He was world renowned for not holding back and telling it like it is.”

Schrandt, family said in the obituary, was the fourth of eight kids and “decided to anoint himself ‘king’ of the little kids.”

The obituary notes he once got into “a fist-a-cuff with a nun” at the St. Wenceslaus School and had his fair share of “‘run ins’ with the law, not just locally, but globally,” as he joined the U.S. Army.

Schrandt later worked at Camcar/Stanley Black and Decker in Decorah for 30 years “with many friends and ‘a bunch of morons’ — his words, not ours,” the obituary reads. “Well, not exactly his words, because that would have included a bunch of swear words.”

He left behind “a hell of a lot of stuff,” including a “Virgin Mary in a bathtub shrine,” taught his two granddaughters to cuss, and will be met enthusiastically on the other side by apparently thirsty family members who died before him.

“Tim was in charge of getting the beer and ice for our family reunions, so they will be happy to see him,” the obituary reads.

Meanwhile, a Go Fund Me account is being considered for the makers of Old Style beer, “as we anticipate they are about to experience significant hardship as a result of the loss of Tim”s business.”

It also notes cancer didn’t beat Schrandt — “When he died, the cancer died, so technically it was a tie!”

The online guestbook filled up with hundreds of entries that were signed from people across the country and even around the world, with strangers chiming in from as far away as Sydney, Australia, to say they wish they would have known him.

“I’m quite sure that I’ve never read as lively and endearing a memorial tribute about a person who has passed as this one,” reads one tribute from Diane Petykowski of North Carolina.

Another, from someone signing as “Sister Rose” of Culver City, Calif., reads, “I would have loved to have met the boxing nun.”

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