‘She was terrified:’ Source says missing teacher’s remains ‘burned beyond recognition’ found in storage facility

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Human remains "burned beyond recognition" found at a Staten Island storage facility Thursday morning, April 4 are believed to be missing teacher Jeanine Cammarata, a law enforcement source told PIX11 News. The body was located at Extra Space Storage at 7 Arden Avenue, according to police.

The 37-year-old mother of three was last seen Saturday night, March 30 at her boyfriend's home on McVeigh Avenue.

Cammarata's estranged husband, Michael Cammarata, has since been taken into police custody on charges of assault and stalking. Sources told PIX 11 he admitted to detectives he beat and stalked his wife before she disappeared.

She had recently filed for divorce, and was attempting to get custody of the children.

The source said surveillance footage tied Michael Cammarata to that storage facility on Arden Avenue. At this point, the charges against the husband are not directly related to her disappearance, police said.

For several days, the people closest to the school teacher were worried about a bad outcome.

"My greatest fear is I will not be speaking to Jeanine again," Eric Gansberg, her attorney, said Wednesday, April 3. "And I fear the worst."

"She was terrified of him," Gansberg told PIX11 News -- speaking of Michael Cammarata.

Gansberg was hired by Jeanine Cammarata late last year. She informed her attorney that she left her marital residence in mid-2017 "due to domestic violence."

There was no legal custody arrangement between Cammarata and her estranged husband, and she was content with having her children live with him in a house they were familiar with, Gansberg said.

She'd missed a divorce and custody hearing on Monday that she had requested. Jeanine Cammarata, a teacher since last October, also has a second job at a Dollar Tree on Victory Boulevard. She failed to show at that job, or at her main job teaching first grade all week.

Michael Cammarata was mentioned frequently in texts between Jeanine Cammarata's cellphone and that of her best friend, Jessica Pobega over the days leading up to Thursday's discovery.

In the texts, someone on Jeanine Cammarata's account said, "I am with Mike and the children," among other messages that were meant to reassure, but when Jeanine Cammarata did not call and talk with her best friend, as requested, Pobega questioned, via text, if it was indeed her friend texting her back.

"It's me," read the responding text from Jeanine's phone.

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