Doggie daycare tackling K-9 obesity

Doggie daycare tackling K9 obesity

LENEXA, Kans. — A Kansas City doggie daycare is taking on an epidemic they’re seeing across the country: K-9 obesity.

The majority of clients at Muscles Mutts K-9 Fitness and Rehabilitation are overweight dogs.

When the owners first opened the center, they started noticing that obesity was a huge issues, leading them to turn the doggie daycare into a fitness center.

“We’re increasing the longevity of their life, their health, their happiness,” said Brianne Durham, the owner of the center. “All around, we’re getting our pets to be just as healthy as we’ve become. I mean we’ve learned so much over the last two or three decades about our own nutrition and health.”

The center includes a diving pool, obstacle courses and even a doggie treadmill.

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