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Group ‘fed up with the killing’ takes to Milwaukee streets to spread message of peace

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MILWAUKEE — There’s a rally for change in one of Milwaukee’s toughest neighborhoods.

Stop the Violence 53206 is a newly formed youth group aimed at creating a safer community.

Trinkika Walker is one of the leaders. She says she lost a son back on August 8, down at the Swing Park due to violence. Now, she says she’s doing what God put in her heart, spreading the message so other mothers don’t ever feel her pain.


“There’s gangs forming in this area. There’s violence in this area. Not only this area, but throughout Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But we want to start here, where the toughest areas are,” Walker said. “To let Milwaukee know we’re tired, we’re fed up with the killing. We want the violence to come to an end.”

The ZIP code 53206 is home of America’s highest African-American men incarceration rate. It’s nearly 62 percent.

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