‘Simple act of kindness:’ Volunteers wash laundry, serve breakfast for homeless every Friday

PHOENIX — With some water and detergent, along with a whole lot of love Jeff Kistler is changing lives, one load at a time.

“Any one of us could be in that situation at any given time,” he explained.

Mixed in with the whites and all the colors, hope is served at Sparkles Laundromat at 7th Street and Portland in downtown Phoenix every Friday morning.

It’s where Kistler and other volunteers from Trevor’s Vision help the homeless do their laundry for free, paying for the machines and the detergent. Then, they serve up breakfast.

“One little simple act of kindness for any one of these people could literally change the trajectory of their life. [It] could give them that one step up that they need,” Kistler said.

People like “Shark” said it goes beyond just having clean clothes.

“I can look for a job in clean clothes. It’s just a better feeling, you know, all around,” Shark said.

“He works full-time and then also does this volunteer work,” explained Pamela Edwards, friend of Kistler. “He provides laundry services and he deserves the credit. He doesn’t want the credit, but he deserves it.”

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