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WisDOT cameras show start of White Oaks apartments fire in Bayside

BAYSIDE — The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) released new video on Thursday, April 11, showing a large fire at the White Oaks apartment complex in Bayside. The blaze happened early Saturday, March 30.

The video shows flames in the distance, above the treeline.

Fire at White Oaks apartment complex, Bayside courtesy: WisDOT

Fire at White Oaks Apartments in Bayside

North Shore Fire Department Chief Robert Whitaker says if the timestamp on this video matches the time of their first emergency call, the fire was already rolling over the rooftop before they dispatched emergency responders.

In a new report obtained by FOX6 News, we’ve learned the apartment building’s alarms were working, despite earlier claims residents couldn’t hear them.

“From what we can tell from audio recording that we have, radio traffic, police officer bodycam, through our cameras that we have, the fire alarms went off,” said Robert Whitaker, North Shore Fire Chief.

North Shore Fire Chief Robert Whitaker says it’s possible the apartments’ firewalls were breached or filled with holes from contractors which would cause the fire to spread quickly.

Fire at White Oaks apartment complex, Bayside

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