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Father of 1-year-old baby boy dies in crash caused by driver fleeing from deputy

13th and Morgan memorial for Pedro Colon-Ortiz

MILWAUKEE -- There is a growing memorial near 13th and Morgan in Milwaukee, with balloons and messages tied to a sign. It's where Pedro Colon-Ortiz lost his life after the horrible crash. His loved ones are devastated.

"It's just sad," said Luz Ortiz-Carby, victim's cousin.

Luz Ortiz-Carby's cousin, 25-year-old Pedro Colon-Ortiz, was killed when the car he was in was struck by a speeding driver.

Pedro Colon-Ortiz

13th and Morgan memorial for Pedro Colon-Ortiz

"We're still trying to come to grips with the why," said Ortiz-Carby.

Authorities say a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy spotted, then pursued a reckless vehicle. The drive sped away, eventually crashing into Colon-Ortiz.

Crash near 13th and Morgan credit Stephanie Routt

"Devastated I think is the best word that comes to mind," said Ortiz-Carby.

Luz Ortiz-Carby

Moments before the crash, Colon-Ortiz dropped off his sister and fiance at a bank -- never able to return.

"Then he didn't show up. They kept calling him. Where are you? Where are you? He wasn't answering," said Ortiz-Carby.

First responders did whatever they could to save the victim's life. Days after the crash, stickers from defibrillator are still stuck to the pavement.

Pedro Colon-Ortiz's baby

Ortiz-Colon leaves behind a 1-year-old son. He'll one day learn how his father died, but more importantly how he lived.

"Just very friendly, nice and hardworking," said Ortiz-Carby.

A life cut short and a family missing a warm presence.

"So many lives impacted by senselessness. By people not caring about anything, it feels like," Ortiz-Carby said.

Three people, including an 18-year-old driver, were taken into custody in connection to the deadly crash.

Pedro Colon-Ortiz

Milwaukee police are leading the investigation.

Family members of Colon-Ortiz are planning his funeral.

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