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‘Big part of Brewers history:’ ‘L’ flag becomes bourbon at Milwaukee’s Central Standard Craft Distillery

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Brewers "L" flagMILWAUKEE — Some Milwaukee Brewers fans flew the “L” flag during a Brewers-Cubs series at Miller Park in 2018, but that “L” won’t fly again at Miller Park. It has found a home in the city known for its brewing history.

“It’s a big part of Brewers history,” said Evan Hughes, co-founder of Central Standard Craft Distillery.

Instead of beer, the “L” will represent another “B” — bourbon.

“It is a limited run,” said Hughes.

Evan Hughes

Evan Hughes

Hughes said the flag immediately brought inspiration.

“We tried to work with the Cubs to secure the actual ‘L’ flag that flew over Wrigley for the historic win down there at Game 163 last season. Our offer to them, we thought, was a win, win, win. We found out that they sold their ‘W’ flags for $500 to go to Cubs charities, so we offered them double the going rate for the ‘L’ flag — so $1,000 for the ‘L’ flag, and we would actually replace the ‘L’ flag because it turns out, they only have one ‘L’ flag,” said Hughes.

They got an “L” instead, as the Cubs declined.

Brewers "L" flag

“We anticipated they may not sell us the flag. We were really hoping to bring it home,” said Hughes.

The Tasting Room flies the “L,” albeit a replica, and they donated the $1,000 meant for the Cubs to the Brewers Community Foundation, adding to the rivalry.

Central Standard Craft Distillery "L" flag bourbon

“The Cubs have started a little bit more of a rocky start than the Brewers, so they have a lot of ‘Ls’ already, so we figured we add one more. We decided to make an ‘L’ flag bourbon,” said Hughes.

Central Standard Craft Distillery "L" flag bourbon

The distillery flew its version of the “L” by preparing 163 bottles of their unique bourbon.

“This has been a lot of fun, and in the spirit of the rivalry, we are looking forward to seeing how the Cubs fans react up in town here,” said Hughes.

Central Standard Craft Distillery "L" flag bourbon

Central Standard Craft Distillery "L" flag bourbon

Central Standard Craft Distillery made another 163 bottles of the “L” bourbon that were available over the weekend. They sell for $30 per bottle. The owners said if people keep wanting to buy it, they’ll keep making it.

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