‘Everybody is accounted for:’ Tiny terrier puppies found alive after tornado destroyed couple’s home

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas — Severe weather hammered Texas on Saturday, April 13, leaving behind extensive damage.

Sandra Verdell and her husband Byron never thought it would happen to them.

“Never,” said Sandra Verdell.

The storms destroyed the home they’ve lived in for 18 years.

“The wind was just doing, like this, and I just covered up and I was praying, and then a big board back there in the backyard like, shielded me,” said Byron Verdell.

“I heard my husband jump on the trailer and he was like ‘Where are you?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m buried up under all this stuff,'” said Sandra Verdell.

While Sandra Verdell was searching for her husband, their 10-year-old terrier Bella was sniffing out her own search for the tiniest members of their family. Two of her puppies were missing.

“So I gotta try to go over here and try to rumble through this stuff,” said Byron Verdell.

A news crew helped with the search, and soon, there was a happy ending. The two lost puppies were found.

“Everybody is accounted for. We didn’t lose nobody,” said Byron Verdell.

After the storm, their belongings and keepsakes ended up submerged in a swamp.

“It is what it is. Can’t stop God’s work, so…just gotta take the bitter with the sweet,” said Byron Verdell. 

The Verdell family said they were grateful for everyone who came to help. They said they had no idea what their next steps would be — but they were just thankful everyone was alive and accounted for.

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