Dariaz Higgins pleads not guilty to amended charges in shooting death of Sierra Robinson

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MILWAUKEE — Dariaz Higgins, accused in the shooting death of the mother of his child, which injured two others, pleaded not guilty to amended charges on Thursday, April 18. The shooting prompted an Amber Alert for 2-year-old Noelani Robinson, the daughter of Higgins and Sierra Robinson, who was killed in the shooting March 11 near 91st and Mill. A body believed to be that of Noelani Robinson was found was found March 15 in Minnesota.

Higgins, 35, was in court for a status conference.

The amended charges were filed April 4:

  • First degree intentional homicide (shooting death of Sierra Robinson)
  • Attempted first degree intentional homicide (shooting of Robinson’s friend)
  • First degree recklessly endangering safety (injuries to neighbor who told police “he was shot in the neck” during the incident)

Another status conference was scheduled for May 23.

Neighbor struck during shooting near 91st and Mill

Higgins was initially charged with first degree intentional homicide for the death of Robinson, and first degree recklessly endangering safety for the shooting of her friend. That charge was upgraded to attempted homicide, and he’s now charged in the shooting of the neighbor.

Dariaz Higgins

Police were called out to 91st and Mill around 1 p.m. March 11, where Sierra Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sierra Robinson

Her friend identified the shooter as “her boyfriend Darius Taylor,” who was “in Milwaukee to give (Robinson) her baby.” She was taken to the hospital for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds.

Dariaz Higgins

The complaint said she told investigators Higgins was her former pimp, along with Robinson’s former pimp. She said Robinson became pregnant while Higgins was her pimp, and they stayed together with their child, Noelani. In February, Robinson “no longer wanted to be with (Higgins), and she moved to Las Vegas, leaving Noelani with Higgins. Once in Vegas, Robinson was “trying to get her child from (Higgins),” and the friend indicated she was trying to help with that. She said Higgins “finally agreed to give Noelani” to Robinson, and on March 9, Robinson flew to Milwaukee. On March 11, she said Higgins agreed to let Robinson have Noelani and told them to come to 22nd and Fond du Lac. They took an Uber to that location and met Higgins, who did not have Noelani, but said he would take them to her later. The friend told investigators they “drove around, smoking weed, drinking and talking about old times,” with Higgins telling Robinson they should get back together, and she agreed. The friend noted she observed a firearm in the driver’s map pocket in the SUV Higgins was in. They eventually drove to 91st and Mill, which was where Higgins told them Noelani was. They parked and got out, and as they were walking up to the apartment building, the friend said she heard gunshots and saw Higgins shooting her and Robinson — before getting back into the SUV and driving away. She identified Higgins as the shooter via a photo.

At the scene near 91st and Mill, the complaint said a neighbor across the street from where Robinson and her friend were found “believed he was shot in the neck.” He said he was sitting on his couch in his home, next to a large window, and witnessed the shooting. He said one of the shots struck the window where he was sitting. He said a bullet entered the house and he was struck by glass fragments, which struck his neck and face. The complaint said officers observed a hole in the living room window and a bullet fragment in the bathroom of the home.

Higgins was arrested March 13 near 103rd and Caldwell in Milwaukee. Cash bond was set at 1 million in this case on March 17, when Higgins made his initial court appearance.

Shooting near 91st and Mill

Shooting near 91st and Mill

He is suspected in the death of Noelani Robinson, but has not been charged.

Deloise Lipsey, 31, was bound over for trial after waiving her right to a preliminary hearing in Milwaukee County court on April 1. Lipsey is charged with aiding a felon. The criminal complaint filed against Deloise Lipsey appears to indicate Noelani Robinson died before Sierra Robinson. A criminal complaint said Lipsey was with Higgins for several days before and after Sierra Robinson was fatally shot. The complaint said Lipsey knew about the homicide, but did not contact police. Prosecutors said Lipsey was with Higgins when “trash” was dumped on the side of the road in Minnesota — near where Noelani’s body was later found.

Below is a timeline of important events in this case, according to prosecutors:

March 6: Deloise Lipsey was in Las Vegas and received a call from Dariaz Higgins — to fly to Minnesota to meet him.

March 8: Lipsey landed in Minneapolis, where Higgins and another person picked her up. They drove to Austin, Minnesota.

March 9: Lipsey stayed at a motel while Higgins was gone all day.

March 10: Higgins told Lipsey they needed to change motels and head back to Minneapolis. As they were putting their belongings in the vehicle Higgins had rented, Lipsey said Higgins took “trash” from his separate room and put it in the trunk. She said this “wasn’t unusual for them as they frequently have leftover drug evidence.” During the drive, Higgins wanted to take a side road. The vehicle pulled over because Higgins said he needed to urinate. While pulled over, the vehicle became stuck in snow. Higgins was about to throw out the “trash” when another driver pulled over to help push the vehicle out of the snow. They pulled over again after a few miles and Higgins “threw out the trash.” After arriving in Minneapolis, Higgins then directed them to Rochester to get money.

Deloise Lipsey

March 11: Lipsey and Higgins drove to Milwaukee, arriving early in the morning. After doing drugs and buying liquor, they parted ways in the late morning. At 1 p.m., Higgins fatally shot Sierra Robinson and wounded another woman near 91st and Mill, according to prosecutors. At 2 p.m., Lipsey and Higgins met up again to buy Higgins’ glasses. They then got on the freeway and drove for several hours. In the early evening, Lipsey received a call from a friend informing her that Higgins had shot two women and took his daughter, Noelani. Lipsey said at that point, “she was scared, but decided to play along with Higgins.” That evening, they drove through Chicago to Detroit. Around 8 p.m., an Amber Alert was issued for Noelani Robinson, believed to have been abducted by Higgins, her father.

March 12: Lipsey and Higgins arrived in Lansing, where they rented a motel. Lipsey paid cash. She then went to Walmart, where he told her to buy him bleach. She told investigators she didn’t know what it was for. Criminal charges were filed against Higgins for the 91st and Mill double shooting. Lipsey and Higgins went back to the Lansing motel — drinking and doing drugs in a vehicle in the parking lot. Two squads pulled up, and they were asked for their IDs. As Lipsey was out of the vehicle giving them her ID, Higgins sped off in the vehicle, leaving Lipsey behind. One officer chased Higgins, while the other stayed with her. She never told that officer that Higgins was a murder suspect.

Incident involving Dariaz Higgins, Deloise Lipsey in Livonia, Michigan

March 13: Higgins and another man were arrested on Milwaukee’s far northwest side.

Noelani Robinson’s body found in Minnesota

Dariaz Higgins

March 15: Noelani Robinson’s body was found wrapped in a blanket in a ditch near Austin, Minnesota. A preliminary investigation revealed the manner of death was homicide due to blunt force trauma to the head.

March 16: Lipsey was interviewed by Milwaukee police. Prosecutors said she acknowledged she “messed up” by not alerting somebody or notifying police that she was with Higgins.

March 17: Higgins appeared in court in Milwaukee County on charges in the 91st and Mill shooting. Cash bond was set at $1 million. Lipsey was arrested and held in the Milwaukee Count Jail on $50,000.

March 18: The alleged accomplice arrested with Higgins was released from custody. No charges were filed.

March 20: Lipsey was charged with harboring/aiding a fugitive. She made her initial court appearance and was released on a $3,500 signature bond.

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