11-year-old struck by gunfire goes home from hospital; 2 persons of interest in custody

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Shooting near 44th and Locust near Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Out of the hospital and on the mend, the 11-year-old girl shot and wounded near 44th and Locust in Milwaukee Tuesday night, April 16, is already back home recovering. This, as police announced two persons of interest have been taken into custody.

Eleven-year-old Shamariona McCloud understandably wasn't up for much talking when FOX6 News came to say hello. She did though manage a smile as her aunt called the 5th-grader a fighter.

Shamariona McCloud

"I just, I lost it. I lost it. I got the phone call she was shot," said Anntonette McCloud, victim's aunt.

Shooting near 44th and Locust near Milwaukee

Anntonette McCloud

While Shamariona was at her grandparents' house for spring break, gunfire from the streets came through the kitchen window, striking the 11-year-old in the back.

"The bullet fractured, broke the top bone in her shoulder so she as to keep that cast on for awhile," said Anntonette.

Doctors released Shamariona from the hospital Thursday morning, April 18, into her aunt's care -- determining it would be too dangerous to try to remove the bullet.

Shamariona McCloud

Shamariona McCloud

"When she does have a doctor appointment, they're going to give her X-rays every time just to make sure everything is OK," said Anntonette.

Shooting near 44th and Locust near Milwaukee

As the avid dancer is now instructed to take it easy for the holiday weekend, Anntonette worries the emotional trauma will be far more difficult to overcome than the physical pain.

"I think it has a lot of affect on her," Anntonette said. "But she's just in a good spirit and she's not showing it. We be crying and she's like, don't cry I'm a big girl," Anntonette said.

The community is also rallying around the family. Activist Tracey Dent has organized a peace rally at the scene Saturday, April 20, with the message: the violence must end.

Tracey Dent

"Now that we've heard they've got some suspects in custody, we want to turn this into a celebration. We're finding justice for her and we want to move forward in a positive way," Dent said.

"Put the guns down," Anntonette said. "Innocent kids dying everyday for nothing."

Police said initially it appears someone intentionally shot at the home multiple times. The motive remains unknown. It is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information about this case is urged to call Milwaukee police.

Meantime, a GoFundMe account has been set up to help Shamariona in her recovery.

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