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The art of ironing: How to give clothes a crisp finish

MILWAUKEE -- Cassandra is teaching us the art of ironing -- and some ways to make it easier.

Start with the right supplies:

  1. A good iron. It should be heavy, have a Teflon shoe -- and produce steam, preferably vertically. That will allow you to steam certain things.
  2. Ironing board. Cover it with aluminum foil for items that are difficult to iron.
  3. Spray bottle.
  4. Starch. This prolongs the ironing on cotton, linen and rayon.
  5. Sleeve boards.

Common questions:

  1. When do you use low heat? Most fabrics take a higher heat. only use low heat on polyester, synthetics and things that will burn.
  2. What do you iron first on shirts? First you do the sleeves, then the body.
  3. What do you do if you iron in a wrinkle? Use a spray bottle, then iron it out.
  4. When should you steam rather than iron? As a refresh for things like hanger humps.

Other words of wisdom on the art of ironing:

  • Never let an iron linger.
  • Iron things inside out.
  • Take your time. you don't iron in a hurry. you steam in a hurry.
  • When all else fails, dry clean it.
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