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$75/cup: San Francisco coffee shop has 10 pounds of the most expensive brew in the world

SAN FRANCISCO — How much is that cup of Joe worth to you? Would you pay $75 for one cup? Klatch Coffee in San Francisco offers the most expensive cup of coffee in the world!

“San Francisco is one of those places where people appreciate fine stuff,” said Bo Thiara with Klatch Coffee.

If that’s the case, Klatch Coffee offers the finest of the fine. The record-setting Elida Geisha 803 was auctioned off to buyers all over the world.

“It’s a unique coffee that comes from Panama,” said Thiara.

Out of an available 100 pounds, Klatch Coffee owns the only 10 pounds in the country.

“That’s 80 cups in the entire United States. That’s it” said Thiara.

It’s so exclusive, even the baristas, who, by the way, train 406 hours to work at Klatch Coffee, wanted to be careful preparing a cup.

“I was actually practicing with something completely different, hoping this would go good,” the barista said.

“It’s good! It’s very good! It tastes like — fruit. It’s blueberry! I don’t know. Whether or not I would spend $75 on this regularly, that’s another thing,” said Dion Lim, reporter.

Others who tried it described it as very smooth, with a good taste — packing a punch.

There’s one thing you must absolutely not do to this exclusive drink. It would be a crime to add cream and sugar.

“Yeah, absolutely. It would be a waste of $75,” said Thiara.

For those not willing to drop $75 for a cup, there are plenty of other roasts to choose from at Klatch Roasters, ranging from $4 to $12 per cup.

“The objective is just to introduce people to this great coffee,” said Thiara.

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