Chick 420 and Chick 421: 2 tiny Magellanic penguins hatched at Shedd Aquarium 🐧🐧

CHICAGO — The John. G. Shedd Aquarium welcomed two new baby Magellanic penguins following the annual breeding season.

According to WGN, as of Wednesday, May 22, the two chicks did not have names — simply known as Chick 420 and Chick 421.

WGN reported Chick 420 hatched on Friday, May 17, and was being cared for by the pair of penguins that laid the two eggs — Chile and JR.

Chick 421 hatched on Monday, May 20, and was given to a pair of foster penguins named Howard and Georgia. Shedd Aquarium officials said Howard and Georgia had been taking turns caring for the young penguin and keeping it warm.

Staff at the aquarium planned to continue monitoring the babies’ growth throughout the next few weeks, along with other milestones such as hydration levels and grooming.

Officials said Chick 420 weighed 76 grams when it hatched and Chick 421 weighed 64 grams.


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