Cheer on the Bucks: A look at the hottest merchandise at MODA3

MILWAUKEE -- It's time to cheer on the Deer -- and you have to do it in style. Tim Pocius from MODA3 joins FOX6 WakeUp with a look at the hottest merchandise.

About MODA3 (website)

MODA3 was born in 2004. As an independent retailer and Milwaukee neighborhood staple for over a decade, the MODA3 family has aimed to establish an eclectic mix of products that embodies our lifestyle.

From clothing to footwear; to our mix of accessories. We stand behind everything we stock. We hand pick the best of the best and assemble it into a retail experience you won't soon forget. Young or old....sports fan or tech geek we have something unique for everyone.

MODA3 has always had a family approach to our customers, who like our products play a part of the patchwork of what we’re doing. Our mission is to continually evolve, improve and work towards giving our family a shopping experience we feel is being lost in today’s world. We are authentic, we are genuine and we feel truly blessed to do what we do!

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