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‘He had a different life:’ Family, friends, remember LZ Jolly Jr., MPD releases photos of suspect

Fatal shooting from 25th and Hopkins, Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A man gunned down while trying to break up a fight is being remembered by family and friends. But police say the man who was killed near 25th and Hopkins Thursday night, May 23 was once one of Milwaukee's most wanted.

Working two jobs with dreams of becoming a cook. This is how LZ Jolly Jr.'s father wants him to be remembered.

"An upstanding man that was trying to help people," said LZ Jolly Sr. "Trying to raise his children the best way he could and tragedy struck."

Jolly was shot and killed Thursday night outside of Warren's Lounge near 25th and Hopkins. Friends say he was fatally caught in the middle of an argument.

Fatal shooting from 25th and Hopkins, Milwaukee

"A fight that he was breaking up. He had nothing to do with hit -- he was breaking it up," said Eric Howard, a friend of the deceased.

LZ Jolly

They say Jolly Jr. was trying to make peace in a heated situation. This is the type of person loved ones claim him to be.

"He's a guy that touched the community," Howard said.

Those who knew Jolly Jr. say he has come a long way from years ago. In 2010, Jolly Jr. was sentenced for his role in the death of a man in 2005. Since then, family and friends say he turned over a new leaf.

"He worked his way up out of that by taking initiative and showing brothers and inspiring brothers. He inspired brothers to change and he inspired brothers to do right," Howard said. "He had a different life, completely brand new."

They say he even headed up a neighborhood initiative called B.O.S.

"Bikes over shooting. We've been doing that for a while," George Donald said. "Donate bikes to kids that don't have fathers."

Suspect sought by Milwaukee police

Police released photos of the suspect believed to be responsible for the fatal shooting.


The suspect is described as a male, black, in his 30s, with long dreadlocks and a pointy nose. The suspect stands 6’ feet tall, weighs 200 pounds and was last seen wearing a gray jacket, blue jeans and black shoes. Police say he was armed with a handgun.

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