Animal welfare employee to be hired at Fair Oaks Farms after abuse caught on camera

FAIR OAKS, Ind. -- Fair Oaks Farms founder Mike McCloskey released a video statement apologizing for the animal abuse in the videos released from their farm in northwest Indiana.

"Watching that video broke my heart and created a sadness that I'll have to endure the rest of my life," McCloskey said. "I'm sorry and I apologize for the footage in this video."

McCloskey said cameras would be installed at the farm to prevent any future animal cruelty and they would create an “animal welfare” section at the farm to show the public more information about how animals are treated.

The farm is a popular tourist attraction off of I-65 between Indianapolis and Chicago, and offers tours of their dairy operations to visitors and student field trips.

The Animal Recovery Mission conducted an undercover investigation between August and November 2018 after one of their investigators was hired as a calf care employee at the Fair Oaks Farms Prairies Edge North Barn.

Undercover video captured employees throwing calves in and out of their huts, calves kicked and slammed to the ground, a worker sitting on top of a calf.

The investigator also witnessed calves being stabbed and beaten with steel rebars, hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic milking bottles, and faces and bodies burned with hot branding irons, according to the Animal Recovery Mission.

In response to those videos, McCloskey said they have partnered with an animal welfare group to have frequent audits every two to four weeks with "total access" to the auditors.

He said an employee would be hired who would have a role of ensuring animal welfare on the farm on a daily basis.

Additionally, McCloskey said he was working with the county attorney to prosecute any of the known animal abusers.

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