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‘Headed in the right direction:’ MPD stats show decrease in crime in city’s 190 neighborhoods

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Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales

MILWAUKEE -- Top brass from the Milwaukee Police Department addressed the Milwaukee Common Council's Public Safety and Health Committee Thursday, June 6, updating city leaders on crime statistics year-to-date. They offered some good news, telling city leaders crime was crime was down almost across the board, but Chief Alfonso Morales said more work remained.

Chief Morales said MPD's three-pronged philosophy involving effective use of law enforcement, community advocacy and research helps them address crime in the community.

"I don't want to boast these things and say, 'Milwaukee is cured.' I want to say that we're headed in the right direction," said Chief Morales.

Across the board, statistics showed a decrease in crime in the city's 190 neighborhoods.

"You're looking at results occurring in approximately 12 months of hard work by, not only the men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department, but the criminal justice system," said Chief Morales. "We have 14 neighborhoods. Five that account for 30-plus percent of the homicides, and we have 12 that account for 40-plus percent of the non-fatal shootings."

MPD crime statistics

During 2017, homicides dropped by 23%, theft dropped by 32%, and aggravated assault dropped by 13%.

"I applaud you and your staff for the progress you've made thus far," said Alderman Bob Donovan.

The only crime that increased during this time was rape. However, Chief Morales offered an explanation for that.

Milwaukee Police Department

"There's been a change in reporting, and before, rape was reported for females only. Males are also victims of rape, and that's where the discrepancy in the number is," said Chief Morales.

Crime isn't just a police problem. Illegal activity results in economic problems, transportation problems, and education problems, and it takes a village to fix the issues.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the presentation from MPD to the Common Council committee Thursday.

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