Police: Man asking for money pushes woman into oncoming traffic when she didn’t give him any

NASHVILLE — A man asking for money was arrested for assaulting and pushing a woman into traffic in downtown Nashville after she told him she didn’t have any money to give him.

Investigators say the victim was on her lunch break and standing near the intersection of 5th Avenue North and Union Street downtown last Friday when 65-year-old Timothy John Donahoe approached her and asked her for money.

When the victim told Donahoe she did not carry cash, he became upset and hit her in the face with an open palm he was carrying change in. Donahoe then pushed the woman into the roadway in front of traffic. The driver of a car had to slam on brakes to avoid hitting the woman in the road.

The victim sustained bruises to her face from the assault. She positively identified Donahoe through a photo lineup.

Donahoe faces charges of assault and reckless endangerment, and was booked into jail on $4,500 bond.

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