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Astronauts wish happy Independence Day from space

The only two Americans living, literally, out of this world wished the country a happy Independence Day, and it’s probably the best holiday message ever.

NASA’s Christina Koch and Nick Hague are flying 250 miles above us, but they still donned their best red, white and blue gear to film their video, floating the microphone between them. The two have been in space since March.

“As we orbit our planet high above you, we want to take a moment and wish all Americans, at home and around the world, a very happy Fourth of July,” Koch said.

Around the world and above the world too, it seems.

Praising American “grit, determination and imagination” in pushing scientific boundaries, the two also said it is an exciting time for spaceflight in America.

“From the completion of the first flight in the commercial crew program to the unveiling of the bold plan to send the first woman and the next man to the moon by 2024, this is a unique moment in history in which we can cast our eyes to the sky and to the heavens and be proud to be an American,” Hague said.

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