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‘We stalked this lady for 48 hours:’ Woman hunts down thief who stole her car, steals it back

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Danielle Reno isn’t an investigator. She doesn’t work for the police department, but she used her best sleuthing skills to bring her car back home.

“Did I park somewhere else? No. I know I parked here. Somebody stole my car! And it was all downhill from there,” said Reno.

It was a full investigation for Reno. She filed a police report for her missing Toyota 4Runner, and then, she took matters into her own hands.

“I got out of my car, grabbed my daughter, and my car was gone,” said Reno.

The non-stop hunt for her car started at a QuickTrip close to her house.

“We stalked this lady for 48 hours. She had no idea what we were doing,” said Reno.

Reno tracked purchases on her debit and credit cards, as well as the activity of her phone, which had been taken. An attendant at a gas station told Reno the car thieves said they were headed to Applebee’s. Reno decided it was time for dinner, too.

“Got our waters and she walked in the door. I about had a heart attack,” said Reno.

Reno took the opportunity to slip out the front door and take back what was hers.

“Oh my gosh, before I call the cops, I wanted to show you all what we just found, by doing our own stalking. At Applebee’s. My heart’s racing,” Reno said in a video. “She has my wallet in her hand, and my keys in her hand.”

Getting her car back wasn’t the end of this crazy story.

“Look at my back seat. Beer in my back seat,” Reno said in the video.

The thieves trashed her car to the point she wouldn’t be able to drive it.

“There’s stuff on the car seat. There’s stuff on the seat. It’s just gross,” said Reno.

Arrests were made by Clay County deputies.

Reno said the vehicle was practically a loss with the damage to the interior.

KCTV5 News wanted to know how police felt about Reno’s detective work. They said they don’t recommend citizens do this, but added Reno never put herself in harm’s way.

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