Purple Door serves new ice cream flavor created by Bay View HS students 🍦

MILWAUKEE — A student creation is in the cooler at a Milwaukee ice cream shop.

“Bango Helado Con Chamoy” is the brainchild of students from Bay View High School.

It’s a beet and mango ice cream with a few other select ingredients, including hot sauce!

Purple Door Ice Cream had a contest asking for recipes from Milwaukee Public Schools’ students. Each MPS school with a culinary arts program had a hand in the competition.

The concoction took weeks to get just right.

“It took us maybe about three weeks with that, to try to figure it out,” said Emily Hernandez, whose team won the ice cream contest. “We always usually start spitting out ideas months before the actual competition, before we actually have to start prepping for everything, just so we can kind of see what actually went well, what didn’t.”

The competition is a partnership with MPS and The Bartolotta Restaurants.

The new ice cream is on sale at the Walker’s Point Purple Door location — 205 South 2nd Street.

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