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Calorie-conscious cookout: Some simple cooking ways to slim down what you’re grilling

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MILWAUKEE -- There may be nothing better than grilling out in the summer -- but frequent, fragrant cookouts can wrench your summer slim down plans. Registered dietitian, Lisa Grudzielanek with Metcalfe's Market, joins Real Milwaukee with some easy ways to enjoy a leaner cookout.

Swap #1 Meat
Replace the staple of summer high-fat hamburgers, brats, sausages, and hot dogs with a lean ground sirloin, turkey, bison, or plant-based burgers or a chicken breast.
• Tip: Loin = Lean.
• 4oz 70% lean ground chuck burger vs. 4oz turkey burger
360 calories and 32 grams of fat vs. 160 calories and 9 grams of fat
• Choose chicken and turkey brats for full flavor with up to 70% less fat than 'regular' beef/pork products and up to ½ the calories.
• Pork Brat vs. Turkey Brat
340 calories & 30 grams of fat vs. 170 calories & 10 grams of fat

Swap # 2 Ditch the Bun
• Drop your carbs and lower blood sugar by ditching the bun or selecting a lettuce wrap. By cutting the bun save 30 carbs+ and an unnecessary 130+ calories.

Swap #3 Sides
• Lose calorie laden side dishes such as mayo-based macaroni salad, coleslaw and potato salad.
• Potato salad vs. vinegar & olive oil-based coleslaw (per cup)
360 calories vs. 150 calories
• Choose vinegar & olive oil-based coleslaw, prepared without mayo. Not mention the additional benefit of getting the nutrient-dense cancer fighting cabbage onto your plate.
• Choose grilled vegetable. Load up on the veggies to fill up without filling out. Make foil packets of your favorite veggies and place on the grill for 15 minutes.

Swap #4 Don`t forget to ADD healthy condiments!
• Mustard---Shown to offer protection against tumor growth and DNA or cell mutation linked with cancer.
• Sauerkraut----Canned sauerkraut won`t be 'alive' with probiotics, select 'raw' kraut, found in the refrigerated section of the meat case. It hasn`t been pasteurized to lose healthy bacteria, which are called probiotics.

Closing Tip: Follow 80/20 rule
• Enjoy but limit 'splurge meal'
• Helps stay on track, avoid deprivation

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