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Racine residents reach for cold sweets and treats to keep cool: ‘Our main seller is gelato’

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Divino Gelato Cafe

RACINE -- The National Weather Service cancelled a heat advisory for all of southeast Wisconsin Thursday, July 18, but it was still a hot day, and Friday was expected to be hotter, with a heat advisory set to take effect at 10 a.m., with a high in the mid 90s and a heat index around 111. The heat does not discriminate, and people in the Racine area were feeling it Thursday, but some found a sweet way to beat the heat.

"Our main seller is gelato," said Luke Wierzchowski, manager at Divino Gelato Cafe.

Inside Divino Gelato Cafe in downtown Racine, Wierzchowski said the heat was drawing customers.

Divino Gelato Cafe

Divino Gelato Cafe

"When it gets hot and humid, it comes in waves. People tend to stay in the air conditioning, and then jump to other cold locations," said Wierzchowski.

When the oppressive heat comes to town, a frozen snack or icy drink seem to be what people reach for.

"The fruit flavors actually sell better on really hot days," said Wierzchowski. "Just because they are brighter. It's kind of a pick-me-up kind of flavor."

Divino Gelato Cafe

On the other side of the sun-scorched Racine, firefighters were also looking to help cool people off.

"Listen to your body, because again, your body generally is the best thing," said Battalion Chief Jon Keiser, South Shore Fire Department. "If you have the ability to not work in direct sunlight, try and avoid it. If you have to work in direct sunlight, then you do, but again, proper hydration."

Jon Keiser

They said dangerously hot and humid temps would make for an increased call volume.

"My belief would be that we'll probably be in the range of 15 to 20," said Chief Keiser. "We hope people are watching out for their loved ones, making sure that they're in a safe environment."

In addition to grabbing a cold treat, an official with the Central Racine County Health Department asked that people call 211 -- a county resource hotline that they would keep updated with helpful information to beat the heat.

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