Intruder kicked in front door at family’s home, assaulted father, took off

Intruder kicked in front door at family's home, assaulted father, took off

PORTLAND, Ore. — A family in southeast Portland woke up to a man kicking in their front door, and dad came face to face with the intruder who then hit him in the side of the head.

Seth Benson said Thursday night, July 18, his daughter couldn’t sleep, so they both ended up in the living room.

Then, about 7:30 in the morning, they heard someone at the front door.

“Someone started knocking on the door. Then pounding started, and I think that’s when the person just kicked in the door,” Benson said.

The bent screen, missing molding, and shattered glass around their front door seemed to prove that.

Before he even knew what was happening, Benson said he made eye contact with the intruder, who then hit him with something metal, cutting the side of his head.

Benson thought maybe the man picked up a crowbar that he’d left outside after doing some work in the front yard, but he didn’t know for sure, because he said the whole thing happened in a matter of seconds.

“He came in the door, he saw me, and then he hit me, so he was ready for a confrontation,” Benson said.

Meanwhile, his wife, Mariah Mattoon, was upstairs. She heard yelling and called 911.

“I came down and there was glass and there was blood everywhere,” Mattoon said.

The man was nowhere to be found. He’d already run away, leaving all three of them surprised and confused.

They said at least they were OK, and things didn’t get any worse.

“While it was scary, I think that we were lucky that it turned out the way that it did,” they said.

The Portland Police Assault Division was investigating — and seeking the intruder.

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