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Fair faves to satisfy the appetite: Cream puffs, roasted corn and flavored milk

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WEST ALLIS -- People go to the Wisconsin State Fair to check out the barnyard animals, meet friends and listen to great music. But the biggest draw may very well be the huge variety of foods.

Milwaukee Bucks Milk House at Wisconsin State Fair

"It was crazy when we first opened up. There was a line like all the way to the streets," said Ben Rauman at the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House.

Many fairgoers stop at the Milk House to get their fix of dairy right away.

"This is my first year. So, first round is chocolate milk," said Hayley Clough of Chicago.

"Chocolate milk. It just tastes like it," said Trinidy Bankskuhnwald of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Bucks Milk House at Wisconsin State Fair

Chocolate milk is a clear favorite. But the other options worth trying include mint, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry and root beer.

"My bet is on chocolate. That's usually the one that goes the quickest," Rauman said.

Half of the proceeds at the Milk House go to the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation.

Original Wisconsin State Fair cream puff

Original Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs

Milk is a great way to wash down an Original Wisconsin State Fair cream puff. Many got to the fair early to avoid the long lines that can form for this delicacy.

"We come every year just for the cream puffs," said Kayley Grabowski of Plainfield.

"It's great," said Derek Stanhewicz of Connecticut.

Everyone has their own technique they employ when eating a cream puff.

Original Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs

"Take the top off and scoop off the cream," said Terri Suehs of New Lisbon.

"Just like that," said Mike Rushner of West Allis.

New Berlin Lions roasted corn at Wisconsin State Fair

Not that far from the cream puff building you'll find lines forming at the New Berlin Lions roasted corn stand. They're buttering up appetites aplenty. Workers tell FOX6 News they expect to sell about 100,000 ears of corn throughout the run of the fair. To top it all off, they will use roughly one ton of butter and 250 pounds of salt.

"The weather is beautiful, which means the sales are good," said David Abstetar, one of the managers of the roasted corn operation.

New Berlin Lions roasted corn at Wisconsin State Fair

While milk, cream puffs and corn are among the fair favorites, there are dozens upon dozen more options for you to sample -- and many of those can be found on stick.

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