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Caught on video: Police car misses collision with mama moose and calf

An officer in Anchorage, Alaska, comes perilously close to a moose and its calf in this police video still

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A mama moose and its calf had a close call with an Anchorage Police Department patrol car when they rushed onto a highway right in front of the officer.

The moose and calf fell on the highway but promptly got back up and continued on their way.

Police posted about the incident on Facebook saying, “This is a great reminder: We share this beautiful place with all kinds of wildlife. They’re always around. Keep an eye out and be safe!”

Hundreds of moose die every year in Alaska in collisions with vehicles, says the state Department of Fish and Game. On average, about 120 moose meet their end a year just in Anchorage, where about 40% of the state’s people live.

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