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‘Should be in more trouble:’ Woman accused of assaulting boy outside day care because he sprayed her with a hose

Water hose (Getty Images)

BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Rebecca Henshaw Gregg was charged with misdemeanor assault after police in Buena Vista Township, which is located in Saginaw County, Michigan, said she repeatedly hit a boy because he sprayed her with a water hose.

“I could hear him screaming,” said Wilbert Houston, who lives across the street from the home-based day care where it happened Tuesday afternoon, July 30.

Neighbors said Gregg takes care of the lawn at the day care.

“I don’t know what made that lady snap the way she did,” said Houston, who said some witnesses knew the boy’s relatives and immediately called them, and they notified police.

One woman used her cellphone to begin taking video when it appeared Gregg’s anger was escalating.

In the video, a woman could be heard crying out, “Oh my God!” as Gregg appeared to go from repeatedly spanking the 7-year-old boy to grabbing him by the head, causing his body to twist and fall to the ground.

An investigation revealed in 2015 in Oakland County, Gregg was charged with felonious assault when investigators with the sheriff’s office said she pulled a knife on her boyfriend, attacked him with door moulding, and then bit him in the arm.

Court records showed Gregg pleaded guilty to domestic violence, and she spent four days in jail and about a year on probation.

In the recent alleged assault on the child, “I think the lady should be in more trouble than that, because she was too nonchalant,” said Houston. “She did it like it’s a normal thing for her to do.”

The boy’s parents said he suffered minor injuries.

When a WXYZ News crew went to the door of the day care Friday afternoon, Aug. 2, a girl, estimated to be about 4, opened the door.

“Oh, honey, don’t open the door to strangers,” said the reporter, who then asked if there was an adult who could come to the door.

A baby in a diaper also came to the door before an older boy appeared and said, “Hello.”

WXYZ asked if there was an adult in the house. The boy said there was before shutting the door. No one returned to the door, but the boy could be heard yelling out to someone.

No one ever returned to the door.

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