‘We all need to slow down:’ Surveillance cameras captured drivers slamming into home

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MILWAUKEE -- Surveillance cameras were rolling when two vehicles slammed into a home near 35th and Locust early Monday, Aug. 5.

Police said it happened around 4 a.m. -- and there were actually two vehicles that hit the house. The video showed a van slammed into a car, and the vehicles spiraled toward the homes at the corner of 35th and Locust.

Daylight revealed the home's porch was obliterated.

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Drivers slammed into home near 35th and Locust

"It definitely shook the house," said a resident who did not want to be identified.

"I heard a thunderous boom," said Melvin Walker, who was jolted out of bed by the commotion. "It was a nightmare."

Terrence Rayford said he blacked out for a moment after the impact, but he said he clearly remembered what led up to it.

Drivers slammed into home near 35th and Locust

"He was just coming too fast," said Rayford. "I tried to swerve out the way, and it was like, he swerved with me. My light, it was flashing yellow, and the other was flashing red. He was just flying through the light. The whole porch just fell on my car. While I was in there, it fell."

Rayford said he was able to crawl out the window, but the driver of the other vehicle was unconscious, Rayford said.

Tony Mil-figure came outside to find quite the mess.

Drivers slammed into home near 35th and Locust

"Somebody laying there bleeding, two cars into my house," said Mil-figure.

After such an intense impact, it was remarkable Rayford was able to walk away.

"A little pain," said Rayford. "My back hurts a little bit. I got scrapes and stuff. I thank God, 'cause I was alright."

Those involved were upset by the crash and damage, and begged for drivers to be more aware.

Drivers slammed into home near 35th and Locust

"We all need to slow down," said Mil-figure. "We need to pay attention."

"You can't run through red lights," said Rayford. "It doesn't matter what time of day it is. You can't run through a red light. It only takes a couple of seconds for something to happen."

FOX6 News was told the driver of the car was taken tot he hospital.

Meanwhile, the homeowners were left to reach out to contractors and clean up the mess, and Rayford was working to figure out his next steps, as his vehicle was totaled, and that was his only way to and from work.

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