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Man implicates himself after using stolen credit card and signing as ‘thief’

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A concept image of a person having their credit card information stolen by a criminal.

BUTLER, Pa. — A man implicated himself in a crime when he signed “thief” on a receipt after using a stolen credit card.

Marc Latimore, 28, inked a receipt after purchasing several items with a stolen credit card.

Latimore stole the card from a woman who told police she gave him a ride.

He allegedly used the card to purchase a cell phone for $200 at the Metro PCs store in Butler.

When he signed the receipt, he wrote “thief” where he should have put his name.

He also signed as “thief” at the Butler Beer & Tobacco Store after spending $42 on beer and cigarettes.

Once the card was reported stolen, Butler police found Latimore on their database after he matched the description from the victim.

They identified him on video surveillance tapes from both stores.

Officers further confirmed his identity when they called him on the phone he purchased with the stolen card.

Latimore was charged with receiving stolen property, and theft by deception.

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