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‘Did not apologize:’ Woman says she found rusty screw in beverage from restaurant; owner skeptical

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CHICAGO — When you work remotely like Saavedra Lewis, life happens on your own time. After a long week, the best time is probably five o’clock.

“Conference calls are done. Emails are done. I’m just sitting there like, ‘This is going to be a good margarita,'” said Lewis.

Her happy hour go-to is La Cantina Grill on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, but Lewis said a recent drink there went from refreshing to revolting.

“I shook the glass to shake it up,” said Lewis. “I heard the ice hit the glass. I noticed, like, wait a minute. My ice is gone. Why am I still hearing this sound? I poured it out, and that’s when I discovered the screw.”

Lewis said she documented the rusty screw as she waited for the manager.

“She did not apologize,” said Lewis. “She said, ‘Well, what do you want me to say?’ I’m, like, real tough, but I was like, a legit baby after I handled all the business part of it. I came home and, like, I cried.”

La Cantina officials took care of Lewis’ bill, but she wasn’t satisfied, so she reported the rusty screw to Chicago’s health department. Inspectors responded almost two weeks later, but didn’t find any equipment missing a screw.

The owner of La Cantina said staff investigated and also never found anything lost or broken. He was skeptical if there ever was a screw.

Lewis said she still has it, along with medical bills from her tetanus shot.

“It freaks you out, because you really don’t know where the screw came from,” she said.

Health inspectors posted the report from their visit to La Cantina following Lewis’ complaint. The restaurant “passed with conditions,” but none of the issues involved broken equipment.

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